Reading Emotions is a research interest group, bringing together affective neuroscientists at the University of Reading, and our collaborators in the UK and internationally.

Now in its 7th year, the Reading Emotions Symposium takes place on 12-13th June 2018.
The symposium will consider pain’s meaning, how this shapes the experience of the individual in pain and how this, in turn, shapes their interactions with the environment.

This interdisciplinary affective neuroscience symposium is on the beautiful campus of the University of Reading.
The research expertise covers:

  • Emotion perception and regulation
  • Emotional and regulatory development across the life-span
  • Emotion-cognition interaction, including decision-making, attentional and inhibitory processes
  • Pain, its experience, regulation and management
  • Genetics of socio-emotional behavior

Who should attend?

Those interested in the philosophical, neuroscientific, and clinical examination of the elements which structure pain experiences, asking how propositional and affective states (e.g. beliefs and feelings) alter the pain experience and how such knowledge should properly inform clinical practice.

For further information and how to register, visit the Reading Emotions website here.