On the 18th October 2022, part of the Unit of Neurology of the San Marino State Hospital, visited Reading to give a seminar. The delegation was led by Dr Susanna Guttmann, Head of the Unit, and included neuropsychologist Dr Edoardo Barvas, and neurologist Dr Milena Cannuccia. The State Hospital falls under the management of the Istituto di Sicurezza Sociale (Institute of Social Security) and coordinates its research activity with the University of San Marino.

The visit follows a multi-year collaboration between the Hospital with Dr Francesco Tamagnini, CINN collaborator and lecturer in Pharmacology at the Department of Pharmacy, University of Reading. The project aims to verify if electroencephalography is a viable system for predicting the conversion of mild cognitive impairment in dementia.

As part of the visit, the visitors were given a tour of the facilities and labs at CINN, followed by an inter-disciplinary talk given at the Institute of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Science (ICMR), University of Reading. The talk (pictured above and below) focused on the peculiarities of San Marino geography and healthcare system, on the clinical and research activity carried out at the Unit of Neurology including with Neurocovid, Alzheimer’s, and mutiple sclerosis, and how we could potentially extend this network of collaboration to other preclinical scientists at Reading, to promote translation and adoption.

This event was co-funded by the University of Reading and University of San Marino.

Presentations given by Dr Eduardo Barvas, Dr Milena Canuccia and Dr Susanna Guttmann (click to enlarge)