• Engagement and Impact

    Research at the University of Reading

Research at the University of Reading addresses some of the biggest real world problems we face in the twenty-first century – from tackling climate change and providing food security to improving human health and understanding human culture.

Innovative engagement is an integral part of our research practice and research culture. Working across a broad range of disciplines, our researchers engage and collaborate with public and professional audiences to bring about positive change locally, nationally and internationally.

We engage with schools and community groups, charities and NGOs, businesses and industry, with museums and cultural groups, and with policy makers and policy shapers to ensure our research contributes to global debates and benefits the economic and social life of Reading and beyond.

Healthy food for a healthy heart

Research from the University of Reading is being used to develop and optimise the formulation of commercial ‘heart-healthy’ drinks and to improve product labelling in the vitamin and supplement industry….Read More >