2019 Awards

In 2019, we received 38 entries from across a wide spectrum of disciplines and from researchers at different stages of their careers. The range of work shows the huge potential that we as a University have to bring about positive change locally, nationally and internationally.

Twelve outstanding projects were shortlisted in 2019 and from these four winners were announced on 25 June 2019. Read on to find out more about these projects which are addressing some of the most significant issues facing our societies today – from climate change, to hate speech, to the challenges of antimicrobial resistance.

2019 Award Winners

Safeguarding children in conflict and crisis (2018)

Children in conflict zones are safer thanks to robust guidelines developed by Professor Rosa Freedman in partnership with the specialist organisation, Keeping Children Safe. The guidelines are transforming the way…Read More >

Confronting hate speech (2019)

Tackling hate speech online and elsewhere is a priority for educators and policymakers alike. Dr Federico Faloppa, Associate Professor of Italian Studies and Linguistics, is determined to challenge prejudice and...Read More >

Real-time flood forecasts save lives

Predicting natural events such as storms and earthquakes is a challenge, but advance notice can help save lives. During Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in 2019, Dr Emerton and Dr Ficchi’s...Read More >

Improved outlook for African farmers (2019)

Millions of smallholder farmers across Africa now look forward to a more secure future thanks to satellite-derived estimates of rainfall that are helping insurance companies provide effective cover against drought….Read More >

2019 Shortlisted Entries

Using design against drug-resistant infection

Design thinking, a world-leading archive, and cross-disciplinary collaboration are inspiring public health communication in the UK and Africa. Professor Sue Walker has led a team of design, architecture, and pharmacy...Read More >

Learning maths through storytelling

Dr Natthapoj Vincent Trakulphadetkrai’s ‘Maths Through Stories’ initiative has made it easier for teachers and parents worldwide to harness the power of storytelling to make maths learning more accessible and…Read More >

Priority setting in the NHS

For patients who are chronically or terminally ill, access to ‘last chance’ treatments can seem like a lottery. Professor Newdick’s advice as member of an independent inquiry committee has helped…Read More >

Opening up science for all

From enthusiastic ‘twitchers’ recording rare bird sightings to amateur astronomers seeking unseen stars and constellations, countless citizen science communities exist across the UK. Dr Geoghegan’s research is combining these approaches…Read More >

Marvellous mums, marvellous me (2019)

The ‘Marvellous Mums, Marvellous Me’ programme supports local, less socially advantaged women, many of whom have been out of work for some time. It’s building women’s confidence and self-esteem and…Read More >

Border checks on the go (2019)

Robust border control is essential, but long security queues awaiting weary travellers are not. Professor James Ferryman is using a smartphone app and innovative biometric technology at border crossings to transform the…Read More >

Undergraduate research benefits local environment

Loddon Catchment Consultancy forges links between undergraduate students, staff and local organisations to address real-world research questions that bring benefits to the local environment and its residents alike. When students…Read More >

Supporting refugees through language learning (2019)

Increasing numbers of people are seeking refuge from conflict and poverty. But many go on to build happy, resilient lives in new communities. Dr Tony Capstick, a linguist who’s worked…Read More >