Research Engagement and Impact Awards

Our annual Research Engagement and Impact Awards (2017-2022) recognised and rewarded staff who had achieved extraordinary things by engaging and interacting with people outside of academia to drive better understanding of research and to influence change.

Each year we received entries across a wide spectrum of disciplines and from researchers at all stages of their careers. The range of work showed the huge potential that we as a University have to bring about positive change locally, nationally and internationally. Read about the winners and shortlisted entries for the 2022 Awards2020 Awards, 2019 Awards2018 shortlist, and 2017 shortlisted projects.

Recent Award Winners

We Make Film: filmmaking, creativity and disability in urban India

An 80-minute feature documentary produced by Reading’s Dr Shweta Ghosh as part of her practice-led research is being used to highlight the urgent need for more inclusive and accessible filmmaking...Read More >

Reducing risk of glacial floods in Central Asia

By repurposing a technical geo-surveying technique as a practical management tool, a team of Reading researchers are helping to mitigate the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change in Central Asia....Read More >

Destigmatising self-injury through art

Through a series of participant-led art workshops, Reading researchers are raising important questions about how we understand and talk about self-injury. Seventeenth-century representations of self-injury in literature and art suggest...Read More >

Tackling air pollution through citizen science

Researchers at Reading are helping communities to breathe healthier air by equipping schools and families with tools and skills to identify and tackle air pollution. More than three million children...Read More >

Voices for action in the climate conversation

Farmers in Uganda are adapting to the changing climate with little support from, or communication with, local government advisors. Grady Walker upskilled farmers in film-making to visualise the challenges and…Read More >

Astor100: Challenging the male narrative in Parliament

Astor100, curated by Dr Jacqui Turner, commemorates a hundred years of women in Parliament and is influencing contemporary debate on attitudes to women in politics today. Through public lectures, exhibitions…Read More >

Intelligent solutions to a costly issue

Missed appointments cost the NHS millions every year. Weizi Li and her team developed a computer model to predict which patients might miss their next check up, prompting a reminder….Read More >

Marvellous Mums (2020)

Marvellous Mums has brought together researchers and community partners to support disadvantaged women from local communities to recognise their own skills and strengths.  Armed with new confidence and aspirations, many…Read More >

Safeguarding children in conflict and crisis (2018)

Children in conflict zones are safer thanks to robust guidelines developed by Professor Rosa Freedman in partnership with the specialist organisation, Keeping Children Safe. The guidelines are transforming the way…Read More >

Confronting hate speech (2019)

Tackling hate speech online and elsewhere is a priority for educators and policymakers alike. Dr Federico Faloppa, Associate Professor of Italian Studies and Linguistics, is determined to challenge prejudice and...Read More >

Real-time flood forecasts save lives

Predicting natural events such as storms and earthquakes is a challenge, but advance notice can help save lives. During Cyclones Idai and Kenneth in 2019, Dr Emerton and Dr Ficchi’s...Read More >

Improved outlook for African farmers (2019)

Millions of smallholder farmers across Africa now look forward to a more secure future thanks to satellite-derived estimates of rainfall that are helping insurance companies provide effective cover against drought….Read More >