In Niger, AfClix activities continue to unite researchers from very different areas, all with the common aim to move resilience from theory to reality and to enable policymakers to learn, adapt and respond to large-scale extreme events such as drought and flooding. AfClix is working with the West Africa regional climate body, ACMAD (West African Regional Weather Centre) on the first Forecasters’ Handbook for West Africa (led by Prof Doug Parker at the University of Leeds) together with an international team of climate scientists and African forecasters. Forecasts from ACMAD have also been posted onto the AfClix web portal to help more individuals and organisations make use of them. Léon Guy Razafindrakoto, Head of Research, ACMAD said: ‘Many thanks for your interest in our forecast, and having posting them on AfClix. It gives us a boost to our visibility.’

This research is part of the Africa Climate Exchange (AfClix) project, a knowledge transfer project to facilitate the exchange of climate science and adaptation knowledge.

Research led by Dr Ros Cornforth

First published: June 2015