List of Group Presentations

Talks given at the University of Reading’s Land Surface Processes group meetings

for slides, see the password-protected page:


March 2021, Pinnington
“Improving hydrological predictions of the JULES land surface model through data assimilation of NASA SMAP satellite soil moisture observations”

February 2021, Harrison
“The application of eco-evolutionary optimality theory to vegetation and landsurface modelling”

February 2021, Badjana
“Testing a modelling framework for the assessment of natural flood management in the Pang catchment”


November 2020, Todt et al.
“Irrigation in JULES land-only simulations over South and East Asia”

February 2020, Li
“Environmental and plant-based controls of water use in one short-rotation Populus tomentosa plantation, from the bottom up”

February 2020, Wright
“Use of water stress configuration based on soil water potential in the JULES model improves the model performance in simulation of GPP and Latent Heat”

January 2020, Quaife
“Structure, photosynthesis and fluorescence in plant canopies”


November 2019, Müller et al.
“Land-atmosphere coupling sensitivity to GCMs resolution: An analysis of the Sahel hot spot”

November 2019, McGuire et al.
“Development and evaluation of new Van Genuchten soil-properties ancillary files for JULES and the Unified Model”

October 2019, Todt et al.
“Irrigation in JULES”

March 2019, Müller et al.
“Turning rivers on in JULES to validate HadGEM precipitation biases at catchment scale”

February 2019, Sandoval
“Applying analytical solutions and simple algorithms to model water fluxes on complex terrain”

January 2019, Dance
HydroJULES data assimilation discussion: Some relevant projects”

January 2019, Quaife and Pennington
“NCEO Data Assimilation activities with JULES”


December 2018, Sabot et al.
“Do plants follow a profit-maximisation approach during drought?”

November 2018, Kunstmann
“Where high tech meets dust roads: High resolution regional climate modeling and hydrometeorological observatories for West Africa”

November 2018, McGuire et al.
“JULES global modeling and benchmarking with ILAMB”

November 2018, Vidale et al.
“JULES global physical configuration (excerpted from talk (further below) given at annual JULES meeting)”

June 2018, Sagintayev; School of Engineering, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan
“Satellite enhanced snow-melt flood and drought predictions for the Kabul River basin with surface and groundwater modeling”

May 2018, Dong
“Plant and Temperature: A Framework from Observation to Land Surface Model”

February 2018, McGuire et al.
“Simulating global and local land surface processes with JULES on the CEDA JASMIN Super-data-cluster”

February 2018, Charlton-Perez et al.
“Overview of Soil Moisture Ocean Salinity (SMOS)”

January 2018, Verhoef et al.
“Equations and PFTs for soil thermal properties in LSMs: Implications for the energy balance”


October 2017, Yapiyev, Erasmus visitor to GES, from the School of Engineering, Nazarbayev Univerisity, National Laboratory Astana
“Evaporation from small endorheic lakes in semi-arid northern Kazakhstan”

October 2017, Nobrega
“Climate variability, hydrology and remote sensing in the Brazilian Nordeste”