JULES 4.9 Time Series

Time Series of soil moisture (and anomaly) computed for 1979-2012:

These time-series were produced from the Rose/Cylc suite u-as052 with JULES4.9 (with 0.5 hour time steps) that dumped the data to disk every 6 hours of simulation calendar time (with the 2D variables saved as 1D with an ocean mask) , by using:
i) a CSH script that uses CDO to do the monthly averaging for the 11 year (or 34 year) data set, which creates a new NETCDF file;
ii) for the anomaly of soil moisture, this CSH script was used to compute the anomaly with CDO operators;
iii) a Python script (i.e., for soil moisture), that uses the new monthly-averages 1D NETCDF file and saves the time-series PNG to disk (This Python script was adaptedĀ from Emma Robinson’s data visualization script).

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