Sample JULES4.7 Northern Hemisphere Land Surface Processes Simulation
(by Patrick McGuire, Pier Luigi Vidale, Alberto Martinez de la Torre and Grenville Lister)

These animations were produced from the Rose/Cylc suite u-ar428 with JULES4.9 (with 0.5 hour time steps) that dumped the data to disk every 6 hours of simulation calendar time, by using:
i) a CSH script (see below) that uses CDO to do the monthly averaging for the 11 year data set, which creates a new NETCDF file;
ii) the interactive software, Panoply (version 4.8.5), that uses the new monthly-averages NETCDF file and saves the PNG animation frames to disk (the MP4 export option didn’t work); and
iii) this ImageMagick command to merge the PNG frames into an animated GIF:
convert -set delay 0 -colors 256 -dispose 1 -loop 1 precip*.png precip_1979_1989.gif

CSH monthly-averaging script:
#! /bin/csh
set prefix=’Euro44_bvv_nancil_CTL-BCJ-NH_jules-vn4.7_u-ar428globeC.6-hourly.’
set prefix2=’Euro44_bvv_nancil_CTL-BCJ_jules-vn4.7_u-ar428globeC_monmean_’

foreach yr (1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989)
cdo monmean ${prefix}${yr}.nc ${prefix2}${yr}.nc

cdo mergetime ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2}

cdo mergetime ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2}

cdo mergetime ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2} ${prefix2}


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