Members of the University of Reading’s Land Surface Processes Cluster

The cross-School interdisciplinary Land Surface Processes cluster combines research carried out at the University of Reading within the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, the Department of Meteorology, and NCAS-Climate together with external collaborators, in particular the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH), the British Geological survey (BGS), the Met Office Hadley Centre and the European Centre for Medium range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF).

The cluster aims to generate impactful knowledge on the Critical Zone in the context of a range of research (predominantly NERC funded) and PhD projects, ranging from studies on climate extremes (flooding, droughts, heatwaves), to renewable energy (ground source heat pumps, biofuels). More widely, we participate in (inter)national research efforts on monitoring and modelling (e.g. CMIP) of the global water, energy and carbon balance (WRCP, GEWEX).

Who 1: Academic staff and PDRAs
Within SAGES: Geography & Environmental Science
Hannah Cloke; Papers: Google Scholar
Sebastien Garrigues (visitor from INRA, France); Papers: Google Scholar
Sandy Harrison; Papers: Google Scholar
Rodolfo Nobrega
Suvarna Punalekar; Papers: Google Scholar
Shovonlal Roy; Papers: Google Scholar
Maria Shahgedanova; Papers: Google Scholar
Anne Verhoef; Papers: Google Scholar
Azin Howells Wright
Vadim Yapiyev (visitor from Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan); Papers: Google Scholar
Within Meteorology or NCAS Climate
Emily Black; Papers: Google Scholar
Cristina Charlton Perez
Peter Cook
Sue Grimmond; Papers: Google Scholar
Patrick McGuire; Papers: Google Scholar
Omar Muller
Reinhard Schiemann; Papers: Google Scholar
Tristan Quaife
Pier Luigi Vidale; Papers: Google Scholar

Who 2: PhD Students
Noel Clancy
impacts of air pollutants on vegetation, carbon dioxide and climate
Helen Johnson; Papers: Google Scholar
Impact of black carbon impurities in snow on medium range weather forecasts (based at Met Office)

Who 3: recent PhD alumni
Ahmed Al-Arazah
Monitoring and modelling of drought in Iraq (viva 2017)
Renato Braghiere; Papers: Google Scholar
Improving short wave radiative transfer for vegetation in land surface models. (viva 2017)
Andrea Manrique Suñén
Representation of vegetation processes in land surface models (awarded 2017)
Jennifer Price
Remote sensing data to test and constrain a dynamic global vegetation model (awarded 2015)
Azin Howells Wright
The effect of land surface hydrological process representation on drought prediction (viva 2018)

Who 4: recent other alumni
Chloe Largeron; Papers: Google Scholar