About us

The project consortium is an interdisciplinary team of professors and early career researchers who bring complementary expertise in geographies of care and family relations, transnational migration, sociology, multilingualism, ethnography, participatory action research and visual methodologies. We have significant research experience with children and adult migrants from diverse cultural backgrounds living in study countries and in countries of origin in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

UK team:

Prof. Ruth Evans, Professor of Human Geography, University of Reading is the Co-ordinator of the Consortium and leads the UK team. Ruth’s research focuses on family geographies, caring relations, especially young caregiving and care ethics in relation to migration, chronic illness and bereavement. She has 20 years’ experience of managing research projects using qualitative and participatory methodologies with vulnerable children and families in East and West Africa and with refugees and other migrants in UK. She is a Trustee for Alliance for Cohesion and Racial Equality and is co-ordinating the University of Reading’s City of Sanctuary work.


Dr. Domiziana Turcatti is a Researcher based in the Department of Geography and Environmental Science, University of Reading, and convener of Migration Oxford—an initiative and network which draws together researchers of migration and mobility from across the University of Oxford. She recently completed her doctorate in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, which investigated how families shape and are shaped by onward migration by focusing on the experiences of onward Colombian families who moved from Spain to London. Her research interests include: sociology of family, childhood, and education; transnational family studies; care and social reproduction theory; the role of migrant-led organisations to foster migrants’ integration and welfare; participatory and public engagement methodologies.

Dr. Grady Walker was a Senior Research Fellow, University of Reading and continues to work with the project as a Visiting Research Fellow in the Department of

Geography & Environmental Science, University of Reading. Grady worked as a professional filmmaker before focusing on social science research. His PhD in Communication for Social Change used PAR to advance the interests of marginalised youth in Nepal. He uses participatory action research and visual methods as storytelling and communication tools to analyse a range of social contexts.

Dr. Tony Capstick is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics, member of Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism, University of Reading. Tony’s doctorate investigated transnational migration between Pakistan and the UK and he has designed British Council education projects in Pakistan and a policy framework for language education for refugees and migrants, Middle East & North Africa region.

Dr. Sally Lloyd-Evans is an Associate Professor in Human Geography, University of Reading. Sally is a community development geographer, co-founder of an award-winning PAR network (Whitley Researchers) and is the University’s inaugural Public Engagement with Community Research Fellow.


Dr. Rosa Mas Giralt is a Visiting Researcher, School of Geography, University of Leeds and member of Leeds Migration Research Network (LMRN). Rosa’s research focuses on emotional geographies of migration and family life, critical analysis of migration policies and onward migration. She has over 10 years’ research experience with Latin American families and migrants with EU citizenship in UK and expertise in family-centred approaches.

Dr. Amrita Limbu is a Research Assistant at the University of Leeds.  Her research interests are migration, labour, forced labour, transnational families, emotions, and affect.  Amrita’s PhD research in Cultural Studies examines migration, emotions, and affective family relations across two migration pathways of education migration to Australia and labour migration to Qatar from Nepal.


Dr. James Simpson is an Associate Professor in the Division of Humanities at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Previously at the University of Leeds, his research interests focus on the sociolinguistics of mobility and migration, which he studies using approaches grounded in linguistic ethnography. He is founder and Chair of Trustees of MESH, which supports adult migrant language education in Yorkshire.


Spain team:

Prof. Laura Oso, Professor of Sociology, University of A Coruña leads the Spain team. Laura coordinates ESOMI (Societies in Motion Research Team). Her research focuses on gender, migration and transnational families, including intergenerationality. She is mostly a qualitative researcher, having applied biographical & multi-situated methods to the study of social mobility strategies of transnational families.

Dr. Maria Paloma Moré is a sociologist, University of A Coruña. Paloma’s research interests focus on transformations in the social organisation of care, migrants’ life & work dynamics & trajectories, migrant ageing and the lifecourse. She has expertise in qualitative methods (interviews & ethnography).

Dr. Laura Suárez-Grimalt is a sociologist, University of A Coruña. Laura’s research interests focus on the impact of social capital on migratory trajectories, transnational social networks & social mobility strategies of Latin Americans, with expertise in social research methods and international migration.

Dr. Raquel Martínez Buján is a sociologist, University of A Coruña. Raquel’s research interests focus on the international migrations, sociology of care and the family and the analysis of social policies. Nowadays, she is analyzing the resilience strategies assumed by transnational families in order to face new social risks. She has expertise in qualitative methods (interviews & ethnography).

Dr. Andrea Souto García is a postdoctoral researcher at ESOMI (Sociology Team of Societies in Movement), University of A Coruña. Andrea´s research interests include women´s migrations, physical and symbolic boundaries, sexualisation/racialization processes, transnational/postcolonial spaces, and multi-situated ethnography. Her PhD focused on the migratory/life trajectories of Latin American women in Spain and Portugal, addressing the intersections between ethnosexualisation processes, migration policy and the dynamics of the sexual labour and marriage markets of destination. Intersectionality, and postcolonial and transnational perspectives constitute the prism through which she approaches gender within international migrations. Border violence is a transversal topic in her work.

France team:


Prof. Virginie Baby-Collin, is a Professor of Geography, School of Education, Aix-Marseille University, researcher at TELEMME research Unit, Maison Méditerranéenne des Sciences de l’Homme in Aix en Provence and member of the Institut Universitaire de France. Her research focuses on urban geography and migration studies, with a focus on transnational families, young migrant and education issues, spatial practices and marginality in urban settlements.

Dr. Polina Palash, is a postdoctoral researcher, TELEMME, Aix-Marseille University. Polina’s research interests include social protection, social inclusion, transnational families, dual citizenship. Her PhD focused on transnational social protection, onward migration, lifecourse perspective and multi-sited ethnography across several countries.

Dr. Assaf Dahdah, is a geographer and CNRS researcher, Montpellier. His work focuses on social inequalities, marginality and the right to the city in Beirut, Lebanon and Marseille where he studies urban dynamics through migration and asylum.

Valentina Napolitano is a sociologist, researcher at the French National Research Institute for Sustainable Development (IRD), her researches deal with forced migrations, political violence and family transformations in the Middle East. After a Ph.D focusing on the transmission of political commitments among different generation of Palestinian refugees in Syria, here current researches deals with the impact of the Syrian revolution and conflict on the transformation and reconfiguration of Syrian refugee families in the Middle-East (Jordan and north of Syria) and in France (Marseille) in the frame of CAREWELL.

Sweden team:

Dr. Brigitte Suter is an Associate Professor in International Migration and Ethnic Relations (IMER) at the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University. She is also affiliated with the Malmö Institute for Studies of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM). Her research interests include (im)mobility, social networks, the transformative potential of migration, ethnography,  critical perspectives on integration, European emigration and the role of norms and values in migration.

Dr. Ingrid Jerve Ramsøy, is a postdoctoral researcher, MIM, who has recently completed a Horizon 2020 project Norms and Values in European Migration & Refugee Crisis. Her main research interests focus on the effects of transnational migration on social relations and value formation, at an intimate family level, as well as on receiving and sending contexts. Her PhD in International Migration and Ethnic Relations investigated how care is exchanged within & beyond the global capitalist market and effects
on transnational families in Spain and Bolivia.

Dr. Katarina Mozetič received a PhD in Sociology from the University of Oslo, Norway. In her doctoral research, she juxtaposed highly educated refugees’ perceptions of labour market participation in Oslo, Malmö, and Munich. Currently, she works as a lecturer in International Migration and Ethnic Relations at Malmö University. Moreover, she is a Research Associate at the German Center for Integration and Migration Research where she works on a research project about support and settlement of Ukrainian refugees in Germany.