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NAG library

NAG library on RACC

We recommend you use Mark 27 versions. Module files are not provided because it would just make it more confusing. Please source the supplier’s configuration script which will set up the environmental variables according to the selected options. Refer to the supplier instructions at You also need to manually export the variable with the location of the license file.

New NAG Library, Mark 27 for Intel C /C++ and Intel Fortran, 32bit and 64bit integers together

New NAG Library, Mark 27 for GNU C/C++ and GNU Fortran, 32bit and 64bit integers together

Older versions:

Mark 26 versions that are listed here (fll6i26dfl, fll6i26dcl, cll6i262cl, cll6i261dl) are no longer in use, please use mark 27 versions instead, it is backward compatible.
GNU Fortran

Intel Fortran

32-bit integers

64-bit integers


Legacy NAG release 4 (not recommended)

Intel Fortran 32-bit

Sun Studio Fortran


RACC updates

We have changed the default partition to be the 'limited'. Users submitting jobs longer than 24h need to explicitly request another partition, e.g. 'cluster'. Jobs submitted with time limit exceeding the partition limit will be rejected.   Purchasing RACC nodes owned by projects can  be requested using the Self Service Portal form,  see /
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