Our Research


Our research aims to improve understanding of the development and maintenance of anxiety disorders and depression in children and young people, with the ultimate aim of enabling children and young people to lead the lives they want to live. We do this by carrying out research to improve prevention, early identification and the delivery of prompt and effective treatments.

We use a range of different methods (experimental, longitudinal, clinical trials) in our work with children, young people and their families, working in both community (including school) and clinical settings. We work closely with young people with lived experience of anxiety and depression and their families to make sure that all the research we do focuses on the things that are important to families and is conducted in a way that they are happy with. We also work extensively with practitioners, policy makers and international colleagues to make sure that the work we do is relevant and can be implemented widely in practice.

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If you are invited to take part in our research, we make the following commitment to you:

  • We will always do our best
  • We care how you feel and will listen to you
  • We know you are busy so we will work hard not to waste your time
  • We will always try to explain exactly what is going on
  • We won’t make you feel like a ‘guinea pig’
  • We won’t ask you to do anything that we wouldn’t ask our own families to do
  • We won’t ask you to do anything unless we are confident that it will be useful