AnDY Books

Our team at AnDY have written a number of self-help books aimed at providing extra support to families who are having difficulties with anxiety or depression.



Can I Tell You About Anxiety?: A Guide for Friends, Family & Professionals

Lucy Willetts & Polly Waite

Helping Your Child With Fears and Worries 

A Self-Help Guide for Parents

Cathy Creswell & Lucy Willetts

Overcoming Your Child’s Shyness & Social Anxiety: A Self-help Guide Using Cognitive Behavioral Techniques

Cathy Creswell & Lucy Willetts

Parent-Led CBT for Child Anxiety: Helping Parents Help Their Kids

Cathy Creswell, Monika Parkinson, Kerstin Thirlwall & Lucy Willetts

Am I Depressed, And what can I do About it?: A CBT Self-help Guide for Teenagers Experiencing Low Mood and Depression

Shirley Reynolds & Monika Parkinson

Teenage Depression, A CBT Guide for Parents: Help Your Child Beat Their Low Mood

Monika Parkinson & Shirley Reynolds