Compliments and Concerns

We welcome feedback about our clinical services and take both positive and negative comments seriously as they help us to improve the service we offer.

We enjoy receiving your verbal and written compliments. We may ask your permission to anonymise your feedback for our website and any verbal or written compliments about students are shared with them and recorded on their clinical report forms.

If at any time you are unhappy about any aspect of the service you are receiving or have any safeguarding concerns, please speak with the relevant clinician and tell them about your concern. Alternatively you can complete the form below and we will endeavour to resolve your issues as simply and as quickly as possible.

If you would like us to follow up on your comment please provide us with your contact email address

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive, then please contact the Director of the AnDY, Dr Ray Percy ( outlining your concerns. A formal complaint must normally be raised within 6 months of the relevant event. You will receive a written acknowledgement within 3 working days of the complaint. An investigation will be initiated and a full response will be made within 4 weeks. As a matter of good practice the Head of School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences will then be copied into any correspondence relating to this complaint.