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The AnDY Research Clinic does not currently take referrals direct from families, GPs or schools. We work with partner organisations and accept referrals to the clinic from the Berkshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) and a number of other local early help children’s services across Berkshire.

Many young people or parents visit their GP or contact their school to help them access support for anxiety or low mood that is interfering with everyday life. In most cases, families can also refer themselves directly to local mental health services.

For severe and enduring mental health difficulties, referrals should be directed to Berkshire CAMHS. You or your GP can make a referral by filling out the online referral form. You can contact this service on 0300 365 1234 for further advice about making a referral.

For mild to moderate anxiety, depression and other difficulties, early help services are offered by Local Authorities across Berkshire. If you have not previously sought support for these difficulties, you can ask your GP or a member of school staff to make a referral to a relevant local service. Some early help services also accept self-referrals direct from families. Your GP or school should be able to advise you of Local Authority run services that are available in your area.

These services will consider the most appropriate support for you and might discuss the option of a referral to us. If you choose to be referred to us, our first contact with you will be by phone. Both agreeing to be contacted by us and taking part in research are entirely voluntary.

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UK Wide:

To find out about services for anxiety and depression in your area you should speak first to your GP. Your local NHS Trust website should also contain information about what CAMHS services are available.

Referrals to CAMHS are typically made through a professional or clinician, though some will accept self-referrals. For more information about accessing CAMHS, please visit YoungMinds.