After Your Assessment

In the days after your assessment, your assessors will discuss your case with a clinician to identify what difficulties you are experiencing, whether you meet the diagnostic criteria for any anxiety disorders or depression, and what treatment may be suitable for you. We will then contact you to arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss the outcome of your assessment, and think with you about treatment and research options. In some instances we may do this over the phone. All families receive a detailed report that outlines all areas of importance identified within the assessment.

"Polly and team have been very good. [My son] came away saying 'I think they can fix me', which was very heart-warming. He related very well to Rachel who did his assessment and I did give a special thank you to her via Polly but you might also want to send this on. I think it was good for him to feel heard."

Although the majority of people who come for an assessment will be suitable for our service, this is not always the case. If our treatments are not suitable for you (for example, if you do not have an anxiety disorder or depression, or the nature of your difficulties means you need more support than we can offer), then we will discuss this with you and consider other services that would be more appropriate than AnDy. If necessary, we can signpost or refer you to these other services.

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