Anxiety and Depression in Children and Young People Information Evening Poster Presentations

Keren MacLennan, Lauren Roach, Teresa Tavassoli, University of Reading, Centre for Autism

Sensory reactivity symptoms and anxiety in autistic children

AnDY event poster 25th June 2018 (2)

Laura Pass, Shirley Reynolds, University of Reading

Brief Behavioural Activation for adolescent depression (Brief BA)

Brief BA poster ESRC LPass

Ruth Webster, Alannah McDaid

How does what people say to us change how we feel?

Mental Health Awareness Poster Ruth and Lana

Jo Billington, Fiona Knott, Tom Loucas, University of Reading

The lived experience of autistic children and adolescents in mainstream schools

MH conference – JB

Emily Davey, Tessa Reardon, Cathy Creswell, University of Reading

Parents’ experiences of their child receiving an anxiety disorder diagnosis

MHA Poster_ED

Holly Baker, Polly Waite, Kath Ryan, University of Reading

The psychological treatment of panic disorder in adolescents


Zoe Ryan, Helen Stockill, Helen Dodd, University of Reading

Parent perception and encouragement of risky play: The role of gender and anxiety

Zoe Ryan Risky Play Poster

Frankie Cocks, Cathy Creswell, Polly Waite, University of Reading

A qualitative study exploring adolescents’ experience of cognitive therapy for the treatment of anxiety disorders

FC Awareness poster compressed