CINN-affiliated Professor Nazanin Derakhshan has been selected to deliver the 2023 Edith Morley Annual Lecture entitled "Coping with Cancer".

The School's Annual Lecture series is named after Edith Morley, who was the first woman to be appointed a University professor in the UK, in 1908 at University College, Reading, which became the University of Reading in 1926. Professor Derakhshan's Lecture will reflect the work of the BRiC (Building Resilience in Breast Cancer Centre) which she founded at Birkbeck, University of London in 2018, now based at the University of Reading. The BRiC aims to both reduce anxiety and improve quality of life for women with a breast cancer diagnosis. It does this by leading research on discovering new and better ways to practice resilience in women with either a primary or secondary breast cancer diagnosis, and by openly providing social and emotional support to those affected.

Attendance for the event is free, although attendees must book in advance. For more details and to register, please visit