Annie Dunman (Hunt) Ure came to Reading initially in 1911 to study Classics at the University College Reading. She was taught by Professor of Classics Percy Ure. After she was awarded a BA, she returned to Reading in late 1916 for postgraduate research focusing on pottery from Greek sites in Ukraine.

In the following year, she was appointed a lecturer in the Classics Department at Reading. After she and Percy Ure were married in 1918 they worked together both in the Department and on excavations at Rhitsona, Greece, which ended in 1922.

Annie travelled extensively, making notes on museum collections in many different countries and cities. She became a preeminent expert on Greek, especially Boeotian and Euboean, pottery on which she published many scholarly articles.

Alongside teaching, she curated the Museum of Greek Archaeology (now the Ure Museum) until her death in 1976.


1 Plaster cast of a head of a Lapith from a metope of the Parthenon (South 6, now in the British Museum that had fallen before Elgin visited (at the beginning of the 19th Century) and was found on the Acropolis by the Greek Archaeological Service c. 1920. Originally given to AD and PN Ure by Semni Papaspyridi (later Karouzou) of the National Museum, Athens, September 1922. Donation of AD Ure. 1967 [Ure Museum 67.6.1].

2 South Italian red-figure kotyle depicting an owl between olive sprays. Purchased in Naples, Italy in 1920. 4th Century BC. Donation of AD Ure, 1970 [Ure Museum 70.3.0]


1 Reproduced photograph of Annie Ure as a young woman [Ure Museum Archive 2002.96.0003].

2 A copy of University College Reading’s Annual Report and Accounts for the 1916/1917 session, recording Annie Hunt’s return to Reading to begin her post-graduate research project [On loan from University of Reading library].


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