Ellen (Exall) Barry grew up in Reading. Through her sister’s marriage to Alfred Palmer she had a link to the Palmer family. Beyond their business interests in the production of Huntley and Palmer’s biscuits in Reading, the palmers were significant donors to and supporters of University College Reading. After her marriage to physician Frederick Barry in 1879/80, Ellen moved to Cyprus, which was then part of the British Empire.

The Barrys acquired a number of Cypriot antiquities that were said to be from Salamis, an ancient city on the east coast corner of the island under excavation by the German archaeologist Max Ohnefalsch-Richter.


Cyprio-Egyptian terracotta votive plaque depicting a nude woman in relief, with short hair worn up and limps tight to body. From Salamis, Cyprus. 6th Century BC or later. Donation of E Barry, 1913 [Ure Museum 13.10.14].


1 A postcard from Ellen Barry to Percy Ure noting that the artefacts she donated to University College Reading came from Salamis [Ure Museum Archive Drawer E/5/2].

2 A typewritten letter from Ellen Barry’s daughter recording her mother’s connection to the Palmer family and further details of the Barry’s time on Cyprus [Ure Museum Archive Drawer E/5/3].

Further Reading

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