Our volunteer Matthew has been working away, coming up with some fabulous colouring-in activities based on items in the Ure Museum’s collection! Download them as pdfs by clicking the Download links below.

Download the A5 Colour-in Ammet. Ammet is an ancient Egyptian goddess. What are the different animals that make up her body?

Download this A5 colour-in Anubis. Anubis is an ancient Egyptian god. What did he weigh in his scales?

Download this colour-in oinochoe, a shape of pot used in ancient Greece. The Ure Museum holds one beautiful example of an oinochoe. It was painted by an artist in Greece in the 5th century BC. What do you think a pot like this would hold?

Download this colour-in Sophie the Owl. Sophie is the Ure Museum’s mascot. Which Greek goddess is associated with the owl?

Download this colour-in Cypriot figurine. Its features are based on one in the Ure Museum. What do you think the figure is holding?

Download this Gorgon in A4 or Gorgon in A5.  This face of the fearsome Gorgon is similar to one on a cup in the Ure Museum’s collection.  What is the name of the famous Gorgon associated with the Greek hero Perseus?

Download this colour-in horse and rider. It’s based on a figurine in the Ure Museum’s collection. Where do you think this rider might be going?

Download this colour-in Minotaur. In the famous Greek myth, where did the Minotaur live?

Download this colour-in ushabti.  It’s based on one in the Ure Museum! What were ushabti used for in ancient Egypt?

Want more?

Download this Maze and help Hermes deliver his message to Artemis!