Nora (Kershaw) Chadwick was a school friend of Annie (Hunt) Ure. They both attended Stoneycroft School together. Nora Kershaw attended Newham College, Cambridge and then taught at the University of St Andrews, in Scotland during the First World War.

In 1919, she began specialist research at Cambridge, her particular area of interest being Anglo-Saxon Britain. Her first book was a translation of Icelandic sagas titled Stories and Ballads of the Far Past (1921). It was dedicated to her sister.

Eventually in 1950 she was appointed University Lecturer in the History and Culture of the British Isles at the University of Cambridge. At this point, she was nearly eighty but she had also begun giving talks on BBC radio focusing on the early medieval history of Wales, which received good reviews in the newspapers.


1 Cypriot bichrome jar, terracotta decorated with black and red bands and whitewash. 7th Century BC. Donation of N Chadwick, 1948 [Ure Museum 48.12.13].


1 Reproduced photograph of Nora Chadwick as a young woman [courtesy of Bonnie Ure].

2 Typewritten Museum report dating to 1948 – 1949, recording Chadwick’s donation of 18 artefacts to the Museum of Greek archaeology [Ure Museum archive Drawer D/49].

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