Digitisation of Collections

The digitisation of RNG Herbarium’s 400,000 specimens is an ongoing project, and approximately 80,000 specimens Digitisingare currently searchable via the University Enterprise Database. At present, we are working on the digitisation of two collections: Cyclamen Society and David M. Moore’s Patagonian flora. Both of these projects are exploring the implementation of barcodes and the addition of specimen images to the database. These projects also aid in the development of better digitisation practices moving forward and the creation of a digitisation protocol for the herbarium. Ultimately, we aim to make our digitisation process more efficient and effective, allowing for more specimens to be catalogued and made available to the public.

The herbarium database is being transferred from the Botanical Research and Herbarium Management System (BRAHMS) to AdLib Database Management System. RNG Herbarium uses as Nikon D810 camera and live capture software to take images of specimens. Previously, these images were saved to a secure location, but we hope to make images of certain specimens available on the University Enterprise Database shortly.

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