Specimen Database

The herbarium database is manged in the AdLib Database Management System but the public facing data are searchable via the university Enterprise catalogue. Around 80,000 specimens from our 400,000 specimen collection are searchable. At present the search is a string search in all database fields but we hope soon to have a more sophisticated search interface.

The remaining 80% of the collection have not yet been added to the database. If you are interested in a particular plant group you are advised to contact the curator.

RNG Herbarium recently digitised 175 different specimens of Plantago from Temperate South America, many of which were collected by David M. Moore and as a part of Transecta Botánica de la Patagonia Austral. Find out more here! These specimens will soon be made available via the University Enterprise Catalogue which will include label data as well as specimen images. In the meantimes, specimen images can be seen here.

Please check back periodically for updates.

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