Millet-based diet can lower risk of type 2 diabetes and help manage blood glucose levels

  The IFNH formed a strategic partnership with ICRISAT and the Smart Food Initiative in 2019 to research and promote the Smart Food vision of ‘making our diets healthier, more sustainable on the environment and good for those who produce it’. This partnership is bringing together our world leading experts in human nutrition along with ICRISAT’s long established role as a leader in agricultural research for rural development, responding to the accelerating threats of climate change and global health crises. (more…)

IFNH 4-day Statistics and R training workshops

We would like to thank you to all our ECRs and PhD students who have attended the 4 days Statistics and R training workshops conducted by Dr Shikta Das on 22nd -23rd and 26th -27th July. The workshop was a real success with participation of over 100 attendees for each session, including PhD students from University of Reading in Malaysia. The student’s feedback was very positive and really enjoyed Shikta's high energy, enthusiasm and engagement with the students - she has an amazing ability to build relationships with the students during the sessions. (more…)