Gut-Brain research boost with new industry partnership

A new partnership between the University of Reading and Dutch company Winclove Probiotics is sponsoring research which will be looking at how probiotics can positively influence cognitive function and mood outcomes in humans. They will assess biological changes, such as neurotransmitters or hormones, which may underpin any observed effects. The gut-brain axis is right at the frontier of science at the moment with potential to help us understand how we can improve mental health and maximise our cognitive abilities. PhD student Jess Eastwood has started this three year study under supervision of principal investigators Dr Daniel Lamport and Professor Claire Williams (Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences), and Dr Gemma Walton (Food and Nutritional Sciences) to look at this important area. The results of the study will contribute to the development new probiotic formulations. Read more

The eNutri app – Using diet quality indices to deliver automated personalised nutrition advice

Personalising nutrition advice using digital technologies, such as web-apps, offers great potential to improve users’ adherence to healthy eating guidelines. This article outlines the core concepts, content and features of the novel eNutri app, developed by a team of multi-disciplinary researchers across the University of Reading in collaboration with partners. Uniquely, the app identifies and recommends food-based modifications that would be most beneficial for an individual taking into account both their current diet quality and their individual preferences. Please follow the link for further information.    

BNF Virtual Event: Nutrition and COVID-19

Professor Glenn Gibson, Professor of Food Microbiology and Head of Food Microbial Sciences at the University of Reading, is one of the eminent speakers invited to the BNF Virtual Event on 24 November to talk about the 'Emerging evidence for the role of the human gut microbiome in Covid-19 infection outcomes' We are also excited and look forward to see Professor Christine Williams, Academy of Nutrition Sciences and Visiting Professor, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development. Christine will highlight ‘The evidence-base underpinning diet-disease relationships - advances and future needs’ This free virtual event will bring together scientists from UK Universities to consider new and emerging understanding of the interactions between Covid-19 and obesity, immune function and the gut microbiome, new information on vitamin D in BAME groups, and a discussion of the strengths, limitations and future requirements of the nutrition science evidence base. (more…)