Professor Ian Givens awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Helsinki

It is with great pleasure that we announce that our Director, Professor Ian Givens has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Helsinki. The announcement from Helsinki noted that Professor Ian’s involvement for 2 years project Dairy Products with Reduced Saturated Fatty Acids , and a number of other research projects in collaboration with Helsinki University had very much contributed to understanding how food and health quality especially of livestock products can be influenced and improved during primary production. This is very much in the research area of the awarding faculty.

Potential of the hybrid meat market

  Potential of the hybrid meat market An EIT Food funded study has gained the attention of the press - 'Consumer attitudes towards healthier meat products’ led by Dr Simona Grasso, Senior Research Fellow at University of Reading in collaboration with ABP in UK, the University of Aarhus in Denmark, and the Spanish National Research Council. Simona has been busy talking to New Food Magazine and Food Navigator  about the possibility to create healthier meat products with lower fat, salt and added beneficial compounds such as fibre or omega 3 as well as exploring consumer attitudes towards these healthier meat products.  

Dr Sabita Soedamah-Muthu -Senior Visiting Research Fellow in IFNH

We are pleased to highlight two recent papers from Dr Sabita Soedamah-Muthu from Tilburg University who is a Senior Visiting Research Fellow in IFNH.  Both papers confirm Sabita’s link with IFNH. One paper (Imamura et al., 2020; analyses data from prospective studies relating to fatty acids in the de novo lipogenesis (DNL) pathway and incidence of type 2 diabetes. The key conclusion was that concentrations of fatty acids in the DNL pathway were positively associated with T2D incidence, suggesting that further work on this is needed. (more…)