The Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health has a small yet incredibly active team of enthusiastic and dedicated individuals, all of whom are committed to driving forward the Institute’s strategic ambition and to fostering collaboration and partnership at multiple levels.

IFNH is governed by a Steering Group of senior staff from across the University. Group members have vast expertise and experience and together they play a critical role in providing strategic input and advice as well as monitoring progress and performance.

Professor Ian Givens

Director, IFNH
Professor of Food Chain Nutrition
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Professor Vimal Karani

Deputy Director, IFNH
Food and Nutritional Sciences
Vimal Karani

Yvonne McMeel

KIC Partnerships Manager

Elena Carp

AgriFood Project Manager

Professor Carol Wagstaff

Research Dean, Agriculture, Food & Health

Professor Carmel Houston-Price

Head of School
School of Psychology & Clinical Language Sciences

Professor Simon Mortimer

Head of School
School of Agriculture, Policy and Development

Professor Richard Frazier

Head of School of Chemistry, Food & Pharmacy
Richard F

Professor Colette Fagan

Head of Department Food & Nutritional Sciences, Professor of Food Processing
Food & Nutritional Sciences

Dr Sabita Soedamah-Muthu

Senior Visiting Research Fellow IFNH
Tilburg University
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Dr Sarah Guo

Visiting Research Fellow IFNH
University of Leeds
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Nur Liyana Sulaiman

Visiting Research Fellow IFNH
University of Leeds

Joanna Kane-Potaka

Visiting Research Fellow IFNH
International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Speakers Biography IFNH Annual Forum 2020

Professor Ian Brown

Visiting Professor IFNH
Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
Ian Brown

Navneet Mittal

Visiting Research Fellow IFNH
University of Reading
Navneet Mittal

Ramatu Wuni 

Title: Investigation of gene-lifestyle interactions on lipid-related outcomes in ethnically diverse populations. 

Manahil Bineid 

Title: Impact of genes, gut microbiome, and lifestyle on cardiometabolic disease-related outcomes in South Asians. 

Adam Zhu 

Title: Investigation of nutrigenetic and metabolomic aspects of cardiometabolic health conditions in multiple ethnic groups 

Padmini Sekar 

Title: Effect of genetic and lifestyle determinants of cardiometabolic diseases in Southeast Asian populations. 

Maria Alanazi 

Title: Investigation of novel nutrigenetic markers of diet-related diseases using Qatar Biobank (QBB) dataset. 

Giannoula (Yianna) Chatzidiakou 

Title: Impact of dairy protein on glycaemia. 

Drew Price 

Title: Association between dairy protein intake and vascular function. 

Yakima (Kim) Vogtschmidt 

Title: The associations between intakes of Saturated fatty acids, Protein and Calcium from different Food Sources and Cardiometabolic Health and Environmental Impact: The Food Matrix further explored. 

Nina Teicholz 

Title: The importance of evidence-based nutrition recommendations for chronic disease prevention with a focus on dietary fat.,uk 

Abigail (Abi) Bournot 

Title: Elucidating the link between vitamin D and immune health in ethnic groups: mechanistic & population-based studies. 

Hannah Bell 

Title: Milk proteins and risk of type 2 diabetes (mediated via branched chain amino acids). 

Starts January 2024.