Transforming UK Food Systems

The Transforming the UK Food System for Health People and a Healthy Environment SPF Programme aims to fundamentally transform the UK food system by placing healthy people and a healthy natural environment at its centre.

The programme addresses questions around what we should eat, produce and manufacture and what we should import. It also takes into account the complex interactions between health, environment and socioeconomic factors.


The project brings together academic researchers, food industry representatives, civil organisations and policy makers to reimagine how food policy, food products and food supply chains can be developed. The project will focus on working together with disadvantaged communities to jointly imagine new solutions to address a lack of access to healthy, sustainable food.

HiFi Bread

This project will work with the food industry to transform the fibre content of white bread using wheat grown in the UK. This interdisciplinary project brings together a team of researchers based at the University of Reading, the University of Leeds and Rothamsted Research.

Raising the Pulse

Raising the Pulse (RtP) is a systems analysis of the environmental, nutritional and health benefits of pulse-enhanced foods. It’s based on the concept that if we could make it easier for the UK population to eat more UK-grown pulses, there would be considerable health and environmental benefits.

Realigning UK Food Production and Trade for Transition to Healthy and Sustainable Diets

This project directly addresses the changes in dietary consumption, food production and trade patterns that would be required for a transition to healthy and sustainable diets and the interventions that would be needed across government, business and civil society to deliver this transformed food system.