Dairy products with reduced saturated fatty acids

Saturated fat intake in most EU states still exceed the guidelines for reducing cardiovascular disease risk. Dairy foods are major sources of saturated fatty acids (SFA) in many EU diets but are also crucial sources of key nutrients, and have other functions. Replacing traditional dairy foods with SFA reduced/monounsaturated fatty acid enriched foods would have a major effect on reducing dietary SFA intake. Earlier research has established the process for producing this modified milk with indications that the process also leads to reduced methane production by the cow and hence milk with reduced carbon footprint. The work started at TRL 5/6 in Year 1 (2018) involved production of the normal and modified dairy foods together with their sensory assessment and consumer acceptance studies. Year 2 (2019) examined the nutritional/health aspects of the foods to enable the production of new retail foods.

Project Leadership: Professor Ian Givens, Professor of Food Chain Nutrition, Director, Institute for Food, Nutrition and Health (IFNH), University of Reading

Contact details: d.i.givens@reading.ac.uk

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