EIT Food Ambassadors Programme

Launching more sustainable products or technologies does not necessarily create new consumer eating habits. How do we let consumers use an app to avoid food waste, try 3D food printing or eat a new healthy insect-snack? How can we evoke a real ‘cultural shift’ in behaviour? To create real impact EIF Food needs support from a network of EIT Food Ambassadors. These are the trendsetters who can raise actual awareness and have a sway over consumers in their network.  With a bottom-up approach this project aims to: (1) map European influencers which align with EIT Food consortium structures/goals; (2) set up a network of food ambassadors/influencers across regions and the value chain; (3) identify and define the most effective ways to engage the ambassadors to reach consumers (incentives to engage; (4) create events to engage influencers to commit to promoting EIT Food purpose and goals by becoming long term EIT Food Ambassadors.

Project Leadership: Sofia Kuhn – EUFIC

Participating organisations: