Games of Food

The Games of Foods project is set to increase knowledge and awareness of balanced nutrition and a healthy lifestyle through the design and application of escape games. It delivers a novel conceptual model and practical examples of how to generate informative and exciting activities on food quality and nutrition to positively influence consumer behavior toward healthier diets. We focus on escape games, as they are a growing trend, taking an estimated 10m euros in revenues every year. Our outcomes will provide an operative and effective methodology for developing state-of-the-art escape games for the use of organisations, such as food and hi-tech companies, schools, and museums. We will provide a conceptual, physical, and digital manifestation for conveying educational, social, and environmental messages in a fun and inspiring way. The project will play a central role in communicating information about smart food choices to increase public interest and involvement.

Project Leadership: Miri Barak – Technion

Participating organisations: