How is Food Made? Understanding Processed Food

Building on the ideas explored in the current EIT MOOC, “Trust in the Food we Eat” the aim of this course is to continue to empower and engage citizens, by increasing their knowledge of how processed foods are made. While there is limited understanding of food technologies among consumers, public debate has revealed distrust, scepticism and even fear when it comes to food. We believe that a greater understanding of the science that underpins food processing, technologies and guidance on where to find reliable information about these topics may help to improve consumer confidence and ultimately trust in processed foods on the market. If we want to follow EIT Food’s path of empowering consumers as change agents, we must ensure they have the necessary tools to become informed citizens. In this MOOC, we will investigate key concepts and ideas through a range of familiar foods. Participants will explore different forms of processing and how these can contribute towards a healthy diet.

Project Leadership: Sabine Bornkessel – DIL

Participating organisations: