MICROBIOME-PUSH: Into the Microbiome Exploitation in Food Systems

In the Food Solutions “MICROBIOME-PUSH: Into Microbiome Exploitation in Food Systems” we will focus on the applications of microbiomes in different segments of the food chain.

Students recruited at the four universities within the consortium will be exposed to unique opportunities to interact with academics, entrepreneurs and researchers, experts in different segments of the food chain. During the food solution program, students will be invited to an opening event where the main topics will be introduced and the challenges will be formulate. Interdisciplinary student groups will be formed and they will start to work towards microbiome-based solutions to the challenges.

In the opening event, students will follow entrepreneurial lectures thereby ensuring these skills are integrated in the final solutions to the challenges. Mentors from academia and the food industry will be assigned to the groups (with a mix of competencies) and they will help the students by providing guidance and direction to help them develop the solutions to the challenges. Throughout the year, the groups will be followed and mentored in order to help them develop the innovative solutions. In the final event in Israel, the groups will presenting the outcomes of their work.

Project Leadership: Luca Cocolin, University of Turin

Contact details: lucasimone.cocolin@unito.it

Participating organisations: