Our Nutritious Protein

Consumer desire for protein-rich foods and beverages is driving growth and innovation in protein ingredients. The population growth together with the changes in the food consumption patterns away from animal -derived proteins, further increases the demand for new plant -proteins.

To date, minimally processed plant -proteins are hampered as alternatives to animal -proteins due to the presence of usually called “antinutritional factors” (ANFs), decreasing their nutritional value. Enzyme technology can be used to reduce the ANFs in minimally processed plant proteins. In addition, reduction of ANFs using enzymes will allow valorization of side streams from plant material processing for an increased sustainability of these crops. It is the purpose of this work to produce minimally processed plant beverages using enzyme solutions for increased nutritional quality and sensory characteristics of the food.

Project Leadership: Monica Vlasie, DSM

Contact details: monica.vlasie@dsm.com

Participating organisations: