Quality Information Services and Personalised Nutrition

To further develop and test a digital platform as a supporting basis for creating and delivering personalised nutrition (PN) services in Europe via a non-profit organisation with payable services/memberships to cover operational costs. Services are scientifically validated and designed for use by companies, healthcare services, researchers, and professionals wanting to provide consumers with improved personalised nutrition advice and services.

The work includes:

  • Programming the platform functionality with additional services (apps, diagnostics) with external business partners;
  • Proof of principle trial in two countries using an innovative App (eNutri) to deliver personalized food recommendations to consumers;
  • Implementing the full organisational and operational structure of Quisper including Scientific Advisory Board;
  • Active engagement of partners, suppliers and end-users.

Project Leadership: Paul Finglas – Quadram

Contact details: paul.finglas@quadram.ac.uk

Participating organisations: