Seaweed supplementation to mitigate methane (CH4) emissions

SeaCH4NGE aims to reduce methane (CH4) emission from cattle and increase product quality. There is a gap in the market for products with lower environmental impact as consciousness among consumers rapidly increases. We will investigate the potential of different forms of seaweed as feed supplements to reduce methane production by cattle with secondary aim to study the effect on animal welfare and product quality. First phase of SeaCH4NGE will investigate and process a range of seaweed products at Matís. In the second phase a laboratory based in-vitro system will be used to screen the products at University of Hohenheim. The third phase will test in-vivo the most promising products on cattle at University of Reading with ABP Food to study the effect of seaweed supplementation on the CH4 production by cattle. A future phase will focus on productivity, product quality and composition through detailed analysis. The output will be a marketable seaweed product to farmers/seaweed producers.

Project Leadership: Asta Petursdottir – Matis

Participating organisations: