The EIT Food School Network

This ongoing activity aims to develop a network that links EIT Food with existing national schools programs in Europe and related stakeholders, ultimately to promote the exchange of ideas and information, ensuring effective translation of findings. The second year activity will be focused on communications, and dissemination activities based on the tools developed in the first year of the EIT Food School Network, in European preschools, primary and secondary schools as well as further consolidation of the network itself. The package of tools will include:

  • Education tool: new innovative tool focusing on preschoolers health behavior (healthy food acceptance) and self-regulation (pre-school);
  • Nutritional education tool: the nutritional understanding and hedonic perception of school meals (primary schools);
  • Range of approaches, developed with stakeholders, to positively influence food choice and reduce food waste (secondary schools).

Project Leadership: Begoña Alfaro – Azti

Project Leadership: