Current projects

Below is a list of the current projects we are working on, along with the group members working on the project and the funding body. Click on the links for more information.

    • CUNDA: Causality Relations using nonlinear Data AssimilationPeter Jan van Leeuwen, Manual Pulido, Magdalena Lucini, Polly Smith, Vincent Faure, Vladimir Stepanov, Matthew Ng, Maria Broadbridge (ERC Advance Investigator Grant).
    • Observation Impacts in Next Generation Hazardous Weather Prediction: Sarah Dance, Alison Fowler, Guannan Hu, David Simonin, Joanne Waller (Jointly funded by the Met Office, UK and University of Reading)
    • A FAIR approach to community flood risk Sarah Dance, Remy Vandaele, Varun Ojha (collaboration with Staffordshire, Stoke and the Black Country local authorities)  (funded by DEFRA/EA Flood and Coastal Resilience Innovation Programme)
    • Observation impact and observation error covariances:
      Alison Fowler, Alberto Carrassi (funded by NCEO/NERC).
    • Next generation Numerical weather prediction: 4DVar ensembles and Particle Filters: Peter Jan van LeeuwenJavier Amezcua Espinosa (collaboration with ECMWF) (funded by NERC).
    • Inverse modelling for the determination of sources and sinks of trace gases: Ross Bannister (funded by NCEO).
    • Building a 4DEnVar for JULES: Natalie Douglas, Tristan Quaife, Ross Bannister (funded by NCEO/NERC).
    • Assimilating phytoplankton carbon using ensemble Kalman filter in NEMO-FABM-ERSEM: Yumeng Chen (NCEO).
    • Using ensemble Kalman filter for greenhouse gas inversion in GEOS-CHEM: Yumeng Chen (NCEO).
    • State and parameter estimation for Maxwell-Elasto-Brittle sea ice model: Polly Smith, Yumeng Chen, Alberto Carrassi (SASIP).
    • Scale-Aware Sea Ice Project WP4.1: developing novel data assimilation methods tailored for data assimilation in a discontinuous Galerkin sea ice model. Ivo Pasmans, Alberto Carrassi, Yumeng Chen, Chris Jones (funded by Schmidt Futures).


PhD projects

    • Daniel Ayers (supervisors Javier Amezcua, Alberto Carrassi).
    • Simon Driscoll (supervisors Alberto Carrassi, Amos Lawless, Julien Brajard, Laurent Bertino, Marc Bocquet, Einar Olason) Machine learning and data assimilation of sea ice thermodynamics.
    • Devon Francis (supervisors Alison FowlerAmos Lawless, John Eyre, Stefano Migliorini) Bias correction for Satellite Data Assimilation
    • Ieuan Higgs (supervisors Ross Bannister, Alberto Carrassi, Jozef Skakala, Stefano Ciavatta) Complex network approach to improve marine ecosystem modelling and data assimilation
    • Helen Hooker (supervisors Sarah Dance, David Mason (Geography), John Bevington, and Kay Shelton (JBA)Enhancing forecasting flood inundation mapping through data Assimilation
    • Gwyneth Matthews (supervisor Sarah Dance) Multi-Model data assimilation techniques for flood forecasting
    • Haonan Ren (supervisors Peter Jan van Leeuwen, Javier Amezcua) Iterative Ensemble Kalman Smoother with correlated model error
    • Laura Risley (supervisors Amos Lawless, Matthew Martin (Met Office) and Anthony Weaver (CERFACS)) Assimilation of future ocean-current measurements from satellites
    • Harriet Turner (supervisors Mathew Owens, Matthew Lang, Siegfried Gonzi (Met Office), Mike Marsh (Met Office)) Forecast improvements from solar wind data assimilation
    • Nicholas Williams (supervisors Daniel Feltham, Peter Jan Van Leeuwen, David Schroeder, Andy Shepherd, Ross Bannister) Arctic Sea-Ice Reduction: Gaining New Knowledge from Data Assimilation

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