Who we are

Research in DARC is spread across the Department of Meteorology and the Department of Mathematics in the School of Mathematical, Physical and Computational Sciences.

Faculty Funded Staff

MetOffice@Reading DA Staff

Research Funded Staff

Research Students

Former members

Mel Ades (now at ECMWF), Javier Amezcua (now at Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico), Veronica Asenek, Laura Baker, Sue Ballard, Gillian Baxter, Zak Bell, Caroline Boess, Bertran Bonan, Philip Browne (now at ECMWF), Roger Brugge, Nicholas Byrne (now at Cervest), Alberto Carrassi (now at University of Bologna), Nachiketa Chakraborty (now at Coventry University), Elizabeth Cooper (now at CEH), Ieva Daužickaitė, Seonaid Dey (now at CEH), Rossana Dragani (now at ECMWF), Martin Ehrendorfer, Amsalework Ejigu, Adam El-Said, Vincent Faure, Janet Fillingham, Steven Fletcher (now at CIRA), Devon Francis, Catherine Gaffard, Javier Garcia-Pintado (now at Universtiy of Bremen), Alan Geer (now at ECMWF), Gernot Geppert (now at DWD), Michael Goodliff (CIRA), Stephen Haben, Katherine Howes, Andrea Kaiser-Weiss (now at DWD), David Katz, Maha Kaouri, Femi Kolade, William Lahoz, Matthew Lang (now at BAS), Peter Jan van Leeuwen (now at University of Colorado), David Livings, Magdalena Lucini, Laura Mansfield, Matthew Martin (now at Met Office), Stefano Migliorini (now at Met Office), Andrew Mirza, Alex Moodey, Matthew Ng, Alan O’Neill, Dale Partridge, Africa Perianez, Ruth Petrie (now at Gallagher Re), Carole Peubey, Ewan Pinnington (now at ECMWF), Caroline Poulsen, Cristina Prates (now at ECMWF), Manual Pulido, Mart Ratas (now at Kings College), Haonan Ren, Susan Rennie (now at CAWCR, Australia), Flavia Rodrigues, Ian Roulstone, Ali Rudd (now at CEH), Shaerdan Shataer, Polly Smith, Roel Stappers, Vladimir Stepano, Laura Stewart, Zhivko Stoyanov, Hamish Struthers, David Sursham, Sean Swarbrick, Jemima Tabeart (now at Eindhoven University of Technology), Gillian Thornhill, Elske Van Der Vaart, Rémy Vandaele (now at University of Exeter), Sanita Vetra-Carvalho (now at Spire), Dani Volpi (based at the IC3, Barcelona), Nicholas Williams (now at Bjerkness Centre for Climate Change, Norway), Marek Wlasak (now at Met Office), Mengbin Zhu

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