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In November 2023 we launched what will be a regular blog highlighting the research achievements of the DARC group. The blog will also deliver short explainers on concepts fundamental to data assimilation and its connection to other research areas and much more!

Below is a list of all posts in chronological order:

29/11/2023: Shedding some light on DARC by Ross Bannister

14/12/2023: Using mathematics to make the data assimilation problem easier to solve by Amos Lawless

10/01/2024: Data assimilation and deep learning: the changing face of numerical weather prediction by Sarah Dance

25/01/2024: A brief look at machine learning and its applications in data assimilation by Ieuan Higgs

09/02/2024: Women and Girls in Science Leadership, a New Era for Sustainability by Gwyneth Matthews

06/03/2024: Steam Engines, Air Pollution, And Data Assimilation by Jochen Broecker

06/03/2024: Using 4DEnVar to constrain land surface models with observations by Natalie Douglas

21/03/2024: Are satellite observations really measuring the same thing as your model predicts? Probably not. Here’s what to do about it by Tristan Quaife

04/04/2024: The need for observations of the coastal marine ecosystem by Alison Fowler

17/04/2024: “Doomed (!), doomed (?)” – Is the AMOC at risk of reversal? by Ivo Pasmans

01/05/2024: Why do we bother with data assimilation software (and PDAF)? by Yumeng Chen

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