Vacancies in DARC

PhD projects currently being advertised in Data assimilation

We have several Data Assimilation projects currently advertised through the Scenario Doctoral Training Partnership to start in October 2024. The deadline for applications is 12th January 2024.

We also have a number of possible projects through the Advancing the Frontiers of Earth System Prediction Doctoral Training Programme. The deadline for applications is 7th January 2024. Potential projects include these in the area of data assimilation:

  • The use of machine-learning to improve localization of background covariances in Variational Data Assimilation (contact Alison or Ross for more information)
  • Making better use of near-surface observations in coupled atmosphere-ocean prediction (contact Amos for more information)
  • Large ensembles of machine learning forecasts for advanced nonlinear filters in atmospheric data assimilation (contact Eviatar for more information)
  • Data Assimilation of atmospheric and marine tracers – how good are we and how good can we be? (contact Jochen for more information)
  • Developing Smoother methods for post-processing Earth System reanalyses (contact Keith for more information)
  • Machine learning driven balance relationships for next generation data  assimilation systems (contact Ross for more information)

You may also be interested in:

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  • The MetJobs mailing list for positions generally available in the Geosciences.

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