Welcome to SCENARIO: A Doctoral Training Partnership in the Science of the Environment

Funded by the Natural Environment Research Council

At SCENARIO, we provide excellent training in quantitative environmental science to ensure our students become the independent thinkers that our society needs to understand the interactions between people and environmental change. Graduates of SCENARIO will become tomorrow’s leaders of the environment sector, working within research, business and government to address the environmental challenges our society is facing.

Our academic supervisors and industrial and public sector partners cover a broad scientific scope within the overarching theme of environmental risk and sustainability. We welcome and train outstanding students with scientific interests in climate and climate change; weather and natural hazards; hydrological cycles and processes; applied ecology and biodiversity; biochemical cycles; Earth observation, remote sensing and near-Earth space; and infrastructure systems impacted by environmental changes.

PhD researcher Matthew Greenwell shows us ‘How To Butterfly’ in this film he made to provide an insight into his research in Biological Sciences at the University of Reading. Matthew’s film premiered at the Doctoral Research Conference in June 2019 winning the Research Film Competition:

Over 50 students have already become PhDs thanks to SCENARIO and are now working in academia, government and the private and public sectors in the UK and abroad.

SCENARIO students are hosted by the University of Reading, the University of Surrey, the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, the British Geological Survey and the Institute of Zoology. Their projects involve a wide range of industry and public sector partners. The SCENARIO DTP is funded by the Natural Environment Research Council.