SCENARIO Science Themes

All SCENARIO PhD projects are aligned within one or more of our seven science themes:

Climate and climate change on global, regional and local scales

  • Coupled components: atmosphere, ocean, ice, land surface, biosphere
  • Interpreting evidence from past climates
  • Implications for sustainable living, energy supply, food production & security

Weather and natural hazards, extreme events and impacts

  • Fluid dynamics and the fundamental processes of atmospheres and oceans
  • Extreme events and links to flooding, wind storms and other impacts
  • Improving prediction and understanding the limits to predictability

Hydrological cycle and processes

  • Atmospheric humidity, cloud, precipitation and links with radiative transfer
  • Hydrology, ground water, soil, vegetation and coupling with atmosphere
  • Water supply and sustainability

Applied ecology and biodiversity

  • Biodiversity, ecosystem functions and services
  • Understanding and predicting the impacts of climate and land use change on ecosystems
  • Ecology, society and conservation

Biogeochemical cycles

  • Atmospheric chemistry and aerosol
  • Changes in land and freshwater use
  • Factors influencing air, soil and water quality

Earth observation, remote sensing and near-Earth space

  • Satellite applications and remote sensing from space
  • Remote sensing from ground or aircraft
  • Space weather, geomagnetism and electricity in the environment

Infrastructure systems and two-way link with the environment

  • Renewable energy
  • Urban areas and the built environment