Scenario Scholarships for BAME Home Candidates

Our aim is to improve ethnic diversity within the Scenario DTP and we are committed to supporting students from Black, Asian, or minoritised ethnic communities (sometimes referred to as BAME) that are currently under-represented.  We will award up to 2 Scholarships for our Cohort 11, Autumn 2024 intake.

The link to our applications portal can be found on our webpage Apply for a Scenario PhD.

What does a scholarship involve?

Similar to the project-led studentships, the Scholarships cover both fees and stipend – a tax-free maintenance grant which will be £18,622 per year in 2023-24. You will also receive a Research Training and Support budget to cover costs such as conferences, workshops and equipment.

Because the Scholarships do not come with pre-defined projects, the successful candidate will design their project upon commencement of the PhD, typically in September (see below), and to reflect the extra time and work involved, Scholarships are initially offered for 3 years and 3 months.

If a gap in knowledge or training is identified for the designed project, the studentship can be extended by an extra 6 months at that point.  Towards the end of the PhD, there is the opportunity to apply for an extension, based on set criteria. The maximum duration of funding is 4 years.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Scholarships are available to applicants who meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be eligible for a Home award. To be classed a Home student, candidates must meet one of these criteria, as set out by the UKRI:
    1. be a UK national (meeting residency requirements)
    2. have settled status
    3. have pre-settled status (meeting residency requirements)
    4. have indefinite leave to remain or enter.
  2. You must identify as Black, Asian, or minoritised ethnic (BAME). We recognise that BAME is an umbrella term highlighting some groups and not others and we emphasize that people of mixed heritage should feel encouraged to apply to these scholarships.
  3. You must meet the criteria based on academic performance and/or relevant previous experience

Applicants who are eligible for a Scholarship can also apply for project led studentships at the same time.

How does the application process differ from the project-based route?

During the application process, you will be asked for similar information as for the project-based route, meaning that you can copy your application to any projects and save time writing multiple applications. We do ask for an additional statement regarding your interests in the Scenario science themes and you will be asked to confirm that you meet the eligibility criteria for the Scholarship.

How does the interview process differ from the project-based route?

For projects, candidates are selected for interview by the supervisors and supervisors carry out the interviews. For Scholarships, candidates are selected and interviewed by a panel formed of Selection Board members representing the 5 host institutes, plus the Scenario DTP Director and Co-Director.

What happens next if I am offered and accept a Scholarship?

The Scenario DTP will match you with potential supervisors based on their availability and your research interests and your supervisors will support you in the project design. One of your supervisors must be based at the University of Reading or the University of Surrey and there is an online list of supervisors and their interests.  You can also get an idea of the types of research we do in the Scenario DTP by looking at our current student projects

You are not expected to design a project or to find your supervisors as part of the application process but you should check that your general interests are reflected in the expertise among the list of potential supervisors. The Scenario DTP will help you with this check and in contacting potential supervisors to discuss initial research ideas and interests before the application. Contacting supervisors is not an essential part of your application, but will help you make an informed decision prior to the NERC deadline should you be successful.

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