Apply for a SCENARIO Phd

Applications have now closed for Scenario studentships and scholarships for Autumn 2022 entry.  We will open applications for Autumn 2023 entry in November 2022.

There are two routes for applicants:

  • Project-led: apply for (up to 4) Scenario projects. Projects for 2023 entry have not yet been selected but to get an idea of the kinds of projects that may be available, you can find details of the projects advertised for 2022 hereThis route is open to all candidates.
  • Scenario Scholarships for Home students from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic Backgrounds : Our aim is to improve ethnic diversity to the DTP Scenario and we are committed to supporting students from Black, Asian, or Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups that are currently under-represented. Therefore, we are excited to announce the launch of Scenario DTP Scholarships for BAME Home candidates to increase the representation of BAME Home students within our cohorts. We will award up to 2 Scholarships this year and our application portal for Scenario Scholarships is now open. You can find out more hereInternational students are not eligible for this pathway.

We will offer around 15 studentships to successful candidates.  Our studentships cover both fees and stipend – a tax-free maintenance grant which was £15,609 per year in 2021-22. You will also receive a Research Training and Support budget to cover costs such as conferences, workshops and equipment.

We aim to increase the number of applications we receive from under-represented groups. To help reduce unconscious bias, applications will be anonymised before they are reviewed by potential supervisors.  Please read our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion statement for more information before you apply.

All Scenario studentships are initially offered for 3 years. If at the start of the studentship a gap in knowledge or training is identified for the specific project, the studentship can be extended to 3.5 years at that point.  Towards the end of the PhD, there is the opportunity to apply for an extension, based on set criteria. The maximum duration of funding is 4 years.

Eligibility based on Academic Performance and/or Relevant Previous Experience

1st or upper 2nd class degree is required in a subject appropriate to the PhD projects applied for (see the project description for more info). Candidates with a lower class of Bachelors degree, but a good performance at the Masters level (“merit” or above) will also be considered.

We will also consider candidates with different academic paths but with experience acquired from a research position, or equivalent, that is relevant to the topic of the PhD project.

Many applicants will still be studying for their undergraduate or Masters degree, so it is fine to provide a projected or target grade for your current degree course – offers are then generally made conditional on the class of the degree actually achieved.

International Students

International applicants are also required to meet the eligibility criteria for Academic Performance and/or Relevant Previous Experience. Please check the following resources to see whether your degree and grade are equivalent to a 1st or upper 2nd class degree in the UK:

Funding Eligibility

Funding for PhD studentships from NERC is only available to successful candidates who meet the eligibility criteria set out in the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) harmonized training grant terms and conditions – see here for more information.

There is an upper limit set by UKRI on the number of international applicants we can fund each year, so we advise international candidates to contact us at to discuss funding opportunities.  Information about whether you qualify as a Home or International student can be found here.

Language Proficiency

Candidates must show the necessary levels of English proficiency described on the University of Reading’s Graduate School webpage.  Enquiries about this should be directed to the Graduate School at the University of Reading.