Scenario Alumni

We take pride in our vibrant community of Scenario alumni. They are leaders, innovators and, influencers.  These are their PhD projects.

Cohort 6 (2019 Entry)

Chloe Brimicombe Pan-African Heatwave Health Hazard Forecasting
William Farren The impact of megafaunal loss and climate change on ecosystem functions in arid land ephemeral river systems
Devon Francis Advanced methods for assimilating satellite data in numerical weather prediction
Anna Frost Origins of the solar wind
Jo Herschan Impact of risk assessments for small water supplies in low income countries in the Southern Hemisphere
Lauren James Origin and evolution of detailed structure in coronal mass ejections
Elliott Sainsbury The role of post-tropical cyclones for European extreme weather
Linda Toča Analysis of peatland carbon dynamics using combined optical and microwave satellite data

Cohort 5 (2018 Entry)

Jake Bland The control of cloud and moisture on extratropical cyclone evolution
Kris Boykin Extracting likely scenarios from high resolution ensemble forecasts in real-time
Alex Doyle Understanding monsoon cloud development using Doppler weather radar and high-resolution modelling
Harry Frost Do microplastics transfer potentially toxic elements from water to soil?
Daniel Galea Deep learning atmospheric features
Roweena Patel Energy transfer in marine ecosystems based on phytoplankton size structure from satellite remote sensing
Emanuele Silvio Gentile The impact of atmosphere-wave-ocean coupling on extreme surface wind forecasts
Carl Haines Quantifying the risk of high-impact space weather events for the power industry
Lucy King Optimal exploitation of GNSS Reflectometry signals for sensing land parameters
Michael Lai Understanding the influence of anthropogenic aerosols on Atlantic multi-decadal variability
Simon Lee How can the stratosphere help us predict the weather several weeks ahead?
Kieran Pope Interactions between radiation and convective organization
Meg Stretton A global perspective on the urban heat island effect
Dan Teeling Quantifying responses to abrupt climate change in the Andes, South America: empirical data and model synergies
Rachael Thornley Using Sentinel satellite remote sensing data to monitor the state of grasslands across a range of management intensities
Nick Williams Arctic sea-ice reduction: gaining new knowledge from data assimilation

Cohort 4 (2017 Entry)

Ana Andries Translation of Remote Sensing data into Sustainable Development Indicators (TRISDI)

Success Story

Rebecca Atkinson Optimal mitigation of sampling error in ensemble data assimilation
Jake Aylmer Ocean dynamics and the latitude of the ice edge
Teo Bloch The Outer Boundary Layer of the Outer Radiation Belt
Rebecca Couchman-Cook Measuring the pulse of Bagana volcano
Helen Griffith Atmospheric rivers and the land surface: drivers of extreme floods.
James Hill Millennial-Scale History of Amazon Forest Dynamics
Dominic Jones Explaining Timescales associated with Jet Stream Variability
Nigel Lawton The analysis of urban growth and surface permeability informed by earth observation data
Pinelopi Loizou Decadal variability of tropical cyclones: natural variability or anthropogenic influence?
Andrea Marcheggiani High resolution air-sea coupling for downstream storm prediction
Scott Midgley Trace-element incorporation into stalagmite calcite as a paleo-volcanic record: a
chemical perspective
Adam Milsom Impact on VIscosity, Reactivity and Atmospheric Lifetimes of Complex Aerosol
SElf-assembly (VIRAL CASE)
Jessica Ponting Impact of extreme rainfall events on the mobility of potentially toxic elements in
Dan Shipley Mathematical Techniques for Atmospheric Convection to Improve Severe Weather Prediction
Liam Till The Role of Updrafts in Cloud Evolution
Alec Vessey Quantifying Arctic storm risk in a changing climate
Joe Watson Predicting the numbers and location of seabass for sustainable management

Cohort 3 (2016 Entry)

Kaan Alkan Assessing the effects of NOx and Ozone on volatile organic compound Signal
Mediated InterActions of the silver Y moth (ANOSMIA)
Adam Bateson Fragmentation and melting of the seasonal sea ice cover
Lewis Blunn Developing high-resolution NWP for local scale air quality prediction over cities
Rachael Byrom Contribution of near-infrared bands of greenhouse gases to radiative forcing
Ben Clewer In-Flight Atmospheric Radiation Observations for Space Weather Risk Monitoring
Ben Courtier Cloud electrification and lightning in the evolution of convective storms
Matt Greenwell Modelling functional connectivity of butterflies across landscapes using population
and genetic data
Bethan Harris Thermodynamic constraints on tropical cyclone intensity and frequency
William McIntyre Mathematical Modelling of atmospheric convection for better regional climate change prediction
Kaja Milczewska Improving the accuracy of air quality forecasts
Sophia Moreton Air-sea exchanges at the ocean mesoscale: a driver of the ocean circulation?
Henny Omosigho How do earthworms and soil microbial communities interact to determine the fate
of organic matter amendments to soil?
Jamie Towner Climate variability and extended-range flood forecasting for the Peruvian Amazon
Jade Ward Application of novel field sensors for tracking pathogens in drinking water supplies in Africa
Ryan Williams The air we breathe – Quantifying stratospheric influence on extreme air pollution
Sally Woodhouse Arctic mass, freshwater and heat fluxes in high-resolution global coupled climate models

Cohort 2 (2015 Entry)

Jonathan Beverley The role of the Asian Summer Monsoon in European Summer Climate Variability
Vicky Boult Modelling red deer and elephant behaviour using satellite data to estimate food availability
Rob Boyd Individual-based Model of North Sea Fish using Satellite Remote Sensing
Mercio Cerbaro An analysis of the role of satellite-based information in the management of forests
Sean Cleator Glacial and Holocene Climates Reconstructed by Vegetation-Model Inversion
Luke Evans An integrated modelling approach to Environmental Stewardship design for butterflies
Rebecca Frew Sea ice and climate feedbacks in the Southern Ocean
James Gilmore Electrical pre-conditioning of convective clouds
Thomas Hall Testing historical reconstructions of global sea surface temperature using early satellite data
Kirsten Lees Measuring peatland carbon sequestration and emissions by remote sensing
Jacob Maddison Downstream control of blocking and Rossby wave breaking by extratropical cyclones
Mark Muetzelfeldt Development of scale-awareness in the representation of convective cloud systems
Matt Priestley Storm clustering over Europe
Shyamali Roy Evaluating the impact of emergent disease on microbial and insect populations in the tree ecosystem
Luke Storer Multi-model ensemble predictions of atmospheric turbulence
Josh Talib What controls the location and intensity of the Intertropical Convergence Zone?
Holly Turner Wind profile effects on gravity wave drag and their impact on the global atmospheric circulation
Elliott Warren Optimising future observing networks for the evolving urban landscape
Ben Wōden ATmospheric Oxidation of MIxed organic films on aqueous droplets studied by Neutron reflectometry and infra-RED absorption spectroscopy (ATOMINRED)

Cohort 1 (2014 Entry)

Sarah Bentley Predicting the effect of the solar wind on the waves that drive the Earth’s radiation belts
Elizabeth Cooper Improving flood predictions using data assimilation
Philip Craig Role of atmospheric moisture transport in the salinity of the Atlantic Ocean
Jonathan Elsey Water vapour continuum absorption in the near-infrared
Rebecca Emmerton Implications of changes in climate regime for flood characteristics and global flood forecasting
Matt Feist What Controls the structure of UK thunderstorms?
Anna Freeman Why is knowledge of environmental factors insufficient to predict river phytoplankton blooms? A study of the role of periphyton and predatory grazing?
Jake Gristey Understanding the earth’s energy flows from a constellation of satellites
Emma Hopkin Using vertical profiles of atmospheric backscatter as observed with the Met Office ceilometers network to improve high resolution weather forecasts
Christoph Kent Urban gust estimates for insurance portfolio loss
James Shaw Numerical Representation of Mountains in Atmospheric Models
Richard Smith Amazonia under mid-Holocene drought
Joseph Taylor The impact of extreme weather events on tropical island diversity
Caroline Wainwright Characterising and understanding variability and trends in Africa rainfall
Azin Wright Representing uncertainty in land surface hydrology for seasonal forecasting

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