Pinelopi Loizou

The SCENARIO NERC DTP is a well-organised program, aiming to train the leaders of tomorrow. It does not focus only on the academic aspect of the research, but also aims to have connections to the industry as part of the PhD project. In addition, it offers a lot of support as part of the DTP program.

Andrea Marcheggiani

Scenario played a significant role in my professional and social growth through the many workshops and social activities that took place during my PhD. These experiences not only equipped me with important “soft skills” crucial in academic research but also led me to form meaningful friendships.

Elizabeth Cooper

I was part of the first Scenario cohort and completed my PhD part time over 4.5 years to fit around family commitments. I was based in the Meteorology department in Reading, which provided a very supportive, motivating and inclusive working environment.

Adam Milsom

My current work is related to what I did during my PhD and I have started to branch out into different areas of science as a result of the contacts I made. I would say the training and careers advice I received during my time with SCENARIO were very helpful and I recommend SCENARIO to anyone who would like to pursue an academic career.

Emanuele Silvio Gentile

I firmly believe that participating in the Scenario training school will equip prospective students with the tools needed to navigate the weather and climate science field. While a PhD within the Scenario program will undoubtedly be challenging, it offers the possibility of becoming one of the future experts on Earth’s climate in a critical moment where various stakeholders, from local communities to governments and private companies, are racing to adapt to the unprecedented effects of climate change.

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