Theme Co-Leads: Dr Emma Pagnamenta and Dr Vishnu Nair

Our health research theme within CeLM looks at the acquisition and processing of language in multilingual children with developmental disorders and in older adults, especially neurological patients. This will enable us to develop better intervention strategies for language production deficits in neurologically impaired populations.

We look into many areas of language and health, including:

  • Language acquisition and processing in bilingual/multilingual children with typical and atypical development
  • Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)
  • Language and literacy development in autistic children
  • Working memory and language learning
  • Effects of Literacy in Language Development
  • Language processing in neurologically impaired patients (including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases)

In addition, we provide training, advice and information on child bilingualism to anyone interested or involved with raising, educating and caring for bilingual and multilingual children. This also bridges the gap between researchers and society by presenting recent findings on the social and cognitive advantages of bilingualism.

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