Are you the parent of a child growing up with two or more languages? Are you a newly arrived family and your children are struggling with English? Are you a monolingual family and you want your children to learn a second language? We can help!

As researchers we know that multilingualism brings several advantages to the social, cognitive, and linguistic abilities of the child. We are also aware, however, that parents worry and wonder about the best way to raise children with more than one language: they often ask about how to use the different languages, how the child may react to bilingualism, how friends and teachers may perceive the bilingualism of the child, what the prospects are as the child grows up, and many more other questions.

Here you will find the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about bringing up bilingual children.

Check out our YouTube Channel for videos on how to best support your children at home.

For online resources, check out this list compiled by NALDIC.

Below is an extract from an event organized by CeLM at the University of Reading on 21st February 2017 – International Mother Language Day. Parents in the audience share their experience about effective strategies to keep up the home language with children of different ages.

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