Innovative engagement is an integral part of the research practice and research culture at the University of Reading. CeLM provides a platform for our researchers and practitioners to engage with the public, schools, charities, NGOs and other organisations, and with policy makers and policy shapers to ensure our research contributes to global debates and benefits the economic and social life of Reading and beyond.

Examples of our research that has had real world impact include:

Changing the conversation: tackling hate speech in Italy
A combination of research, consultancy and public engagement led by Professor Federico Faloppa is revolutionising attitudes towards hate speech in Italy and beyond.

Language for resilience: helping refugees process trauma
Research led by Dr Tony Capstick on how the use of ‘home languages’ can help refugees process and recover from trauma is influencing language teaching in classrooms across the world.

Teaching literacy: As easy as ABC?
By helping teachers to understand how different children learn to read, a research team of Dr Naomi Flynn, Dr Holly Joseph, Dr Daisy Powell and Professor Rhona Stainthorp are equipping them to better meet the needs of their pupils – including those whose home language is not English.

Don’t quit! Motivating foreign language students
By helping teachers make modern foreign language education more interesting, enjoyable and effective for their students, research by Professor Suzanne Graham is improving classroom practice and learning outcomes in schools all around the world.